ROLE: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Video Production, Photography

DELIVERABLE: Video, Photo, Copywriting

DATE: APR 2019

monopo took charge of the planning, production, and creative direction for Canada Goose’s new ‘Lofted Wool Collection.’ The collection uses a first of its kind ultra-fine Merino Wool and was designed and manufactured exclusively for the Japanese market. The integrated campaign included a brand film, print editorial, and billboard display in Omotesando station.



As part of Canada Goose’s aggressive expansion in Japan, they produced a collection of parkas using a first of its kind ultra-fine Merino Wool designed and manufactured exclusively for the Japanese market. This collection was created to satisfy an appetite for front zip fleece type parka to remain competitive in Japan all year round. As the Japanese consumer of Canada Goose is more fashion and style conscious than average, we were tasked to help craft a creative campaign to reflect the brand’s new image and place in the market.


Canada Goose is top of mind in all outerwear categories but has yet to embrace its place in the high-end luxury fashion space. Tokyo and Japan as a whole are one of the largest and most discerning luxury fashion markets in the world, so this was the perfect opportunity to communicate the brand to them. The question was: How do we craft a creative campaign that speaks the luxury language while still maintaining Canada Goose’s longstanding connection to the outdoors?


The story follows two real-life couples as they traverse the diverse landscapes of Japan, immersing themselves in the artistic beauty of the Enoura Observatory and the architectural wonders of Tokyo, connecting with their environment and each other along the way.
Their journey showcases the Lofted Wool collection’s functionality and reliability and the promise of adventure and seamless movement through the environment.


The campaign was picked up by some of Japan’s most influential fashion and lifestyle magazines including ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Ginza, and Popeye


The campaign was displayed in Tokyo’s Omotesando station, the main station of Tokyo’s premiere fashion district


Our role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Video Production, Photography


Account Executive & Producer: Georgi Roberts (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Director & Copywriter: Chace Fedor (monopo Tokyo)

Director, DP & Editor: Artem Skiiy

Line Producer: Anna Liu

Photographer: Lasse Kusk

Photographer Assistant: Andreas Bastiansen

B Cam: Andy Rudz

Production Manager: Kanako Kobayashi (monopo Tokyo)

Production Manager: Aya Apton (monopo Tokyo)

Production Assistant: Julie Guilot (monopo Tokyo)

AC/PM: Kento Tsukamoto

1st AC: Mikael Senninge

Camera PA: Elena Assenheimer (monopo Tokyo)

Japanese Copywriter: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Stylist: Dai Ishii

HMU: Kana Asano

Transport: Groove

Talent: Yasmine & Ocean

Talent: Jan & Masha

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