ROLE: Creative Direction, Digital Experience


DATE: AUG 2019

Shiseido tasked us to create a web-based game to support the promotion of the campaign film for the WASO AW2019 collection. The brief was clear: design a simple, clean and elegant game that would invite players to discover the origin of the products and bring them closer to the Japanese philosophy of Washoku, the harmony with food which is the core aspect of all WASO products. Composed of 4 levels, the game asks the player to toss the ring around carrots, daikon, wasabi and honey dipper to reveal each of the four products of the new collection.


Surreal & Playful

Building Ring Toss was a real playground for us. We had personally worked on the campaign film of the AW2019 collection, so we already had an incredible amount of material to use. We started with sketching level design and interactive mechanics, then spent some time working on the mood and the colors, which we knew had to be surreal and playful like in the film. Meanwhile, our developer began prototyping the game environment, which we used to run tests and show the client our plan.


Hold, pull, release!

There were two key stages of the development process: create a seamless experience that wouldn’t require the players to use too many keys and keep a balance between engaging visuals and high performance. We eventually settled with a “drag to pull” mechanic, which is triggered with the mouse on desktop computers and by swiping the finger on touch devices. We designed all the elements in Cinema4D and used several javascript libraries such as ammo.js and three.js to set up the physics, define the level of difficulty and create the game design inside the browser.


A simple yet sophisticated digital experience

Through colorful visuals, music, and playful interactions, we recreated inside the browser a small part of a big universe. The outcome is a simple yet sophisticated digital experience that provides both the fans of WASO and the casual gamers the opportunity to discover the brand and enjoy the connection between Japanese food and the product.


Our role: Creative Direction, Digital Experience



Agency: NEWPEACE Inc.

Production: monopo Tokyo

Brand Vision Producer: Asuka Otani (NEWPEACE Inc.)

Creative Planner & Contents Producer: Tsubasa Kamioka (monopo Tokyo)

Contents Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Director & Designer: Michele Angeloro (monopo Tokyo)

Developer: Misaki Nakano

Sound: Justin Frieden

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