ROLE: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Visual Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Conception, Video and Still Production

DELIVERABLE: Campaign Concept and Strategy, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography Assets, Social Assets, Copywriting, TV Video

DATE: JAN 2023

Square is a U.S. based company that provides a full range of tools to support and simplify daily business operations for businesses of all sizes. From cashless payment devices, online sales tools, online invoicing, and reservation management tools, Square’s integrated solutions have been making businesses more efficient across the globe. monopo Tokyo planned and designed a campaign to raise awareness of the brand in the Japanese market, and produced two TV commercials and other creative work.


  • Increase brand awareness in Japan as a brand that provides services that make businesses more efficient, regardless of size
  • Increase brand awareness among millennial business owners, which is the image of the Square user base, and a wider range of generations


  • A campaign plan to increase brand awareness in Japan
  • Concept to show how the introduction of Square creates the space for new business opportunities
  • Various productions associated with the campaign, including a TV commercial video



“More time for your store, more space for growing your business”

We developed the tagline: “More time for your store, more space for growing your business”, to express the fact that Square creates more time for its users by simplifying daily operations, thereby creating more “space” to develop new opportunities. This concept of functional efficiency runs throughout the campaign, but we also focus on the emotional experience of forging new futures for businesses and business owners alike.


A TV commercial, with heart

We created a TV commercial video communicating Square's services in a clear-cut manner, while simultaneously exploring how the introduction of Square expands the business possibilities for both the store and owner. Following the first commercial, which was aimed at a broad range of businesses and industries, we produced a second commercial: "More time for your restaurant, more space for growing your business," to speak directly to restaurant owners.

We directed the video to capture the atmospheric contrast, before and after the introduction of Square. The film depicts the functional value of Square's ability to digitize store operations more efficiently, and the emotional value of the "space" it creates to further boost the business. By tying in a storyline that is rarely seen in commercials for competing brands, the video reinforces the emotional capability of Square and its tools.

We hired Kentaro Osawa, who has extensive experience as a director and planner in video production for a variety of software and hardware products. Working hand-in-hand with Osawa from the planning stage, we aimed to create a story and visual tone that would resonate with a broad range of business owners in Japan.

Music was provided by BLACK CAT WHITE CAT, a production company that offers works by musicians at the forefront of contemporary music. While maintaining Square's sophisticated global brand image and stylish worldview, we have created a TV commercial that will also appeal to the Japanese market.


Communication design based on the user's behavioral process

While the TV commercials focused on brand awareness among a wide range of users, the SNS communication targeted those who were more likely to consider using the service. Shorter video content and animation content featuring each specific service were distributed to maximize brand and product exposure across social media.


Design that shows the future of "space" created by Square

In line with the tagline, the “spaces" that are created as a result of the service’s efficiency are also incorporated in the design of various productions. For business owners with dreams to pursue creating their own business without being overwhelmed by the daily tasks, "spaces" offers a blank canvas that can be used in any way, and expresses the business possibilities that could be created with the introduction of Square.


Client: Square

Our role: Art Direction, Creative Direction, Visual Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Conception, Video and Still Production

Account Executive: Marina Ishibashi (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Producer: Yukiko Kubota (monopo Tokyo) 

Creative Director: Yoshiyuki Sasaki (monopo Tokyo)

Copywriter: Maho Kamagami (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Akira Yamaguchi (monopo Tokyo)

Designer: Tran Villageois (monopo Tokyo)

Animation: Michele Angeloro

Planner & Film Director: Kentaro Osawa

Production Producer: Naoki Miyasaka (THE ONE.)

Production Manager: Kyon

Cinematographer: Yusuke Suga

Still Photographer: Atsushi Yoshihama

Lighting Director: Yamato Watanabe

Art Designer: Kanako Nakazato

Stylist: Yoppy

Hair and Makeup: Ayano Funasaki

Casting: Yu Matsui

Offline Editor: Yoshitaka Honda

Online Editor: Takayuki Yasoshima

MA mixer: Hiroshi Watanabe

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