ROLE: Planning, Casting, Influencer management, Production

DELIVERABLE: Influencer contents

DATE: AUG 2023

Originating from New York and well-regarded as one of the world’s top five jewelers, Tiffany & Co launched its first store in Japan with its flagship in 1972. On the occasion of the brand’s Ginza flagship renewal, monopo Tokyo planned and produced an influencer activation campaign for the reopening.


  • Promote understanding of the brand and encourage visitors to visit the Ginza flagship
  • Expand recognition as a high-end jewelry brand, in addition to its well-known Tiffany Hardwear Jewelry
  • Promote awareness and appeal of the “Icons Collection”


  • Planning and production of content that communicates the tradition and charm of Tiffany & Co. through the introduction of the Ginza flagship store
  • Casting a diverse range of influencers based on the theme, "Luxury Enthusiast”
  • Individualized content planning and production, combining the key points to be communicated to each influencer

Luxury × Influencer

Influencer Campaign for a Luxury Brand

Tiffany & Co. asked us to implement an influencer activation campaign, though it is still often rare to cast influencers for luxury brands in the Japanese market. Utilizing the keywords “Luxury Enthusiast” for casting, we started by searching for influencers with a worldview that is sophisticated and in alignment with Tiffany & Co’s brand identity.

Casting was conducted with an awareness of reaching a wide range of users, with an emphasis on engagement. We also proposed a combination of diverse types of influencers to express that "The Ultimate Jewelry Brand," has jewelry to thrill all generations and genders.

Telling different strengths

Each of the three influencers was responsible for an individual point of appeal.

We set an overall theme “Unveil Tiffany’s Rich Heritage”, while assigning one appeal point per influencer, allowing each one to maintain their own sense of tone and character. This is to ensure that each influencer’s content is not overpacked with information, which would lower the quality of viewer engagement. The three appeal points were: the introduction of the Ginza flagship store, the introduction of high-end jewelry, and the introduction of the Icons Collection. The 3 points of appeal corresponded to three concepts: Secrets of Tiffany, Present for Me, and Outfits with Tiffany Items. Additionally, we also utilized reel-to-reel video for easy storytelling, rather than still images.

Original planning

Content plan created through dialogue with both client and influencer

Influencers were individually briefed and asked to produce content based on personalized content guidelines which outlined their specified appeal points.
monopo’s production was also configured to match the influencer’s area of expertise and skills. By checking the scripts throughout the production process, we were able to ensure that the client’s needs were also intuitively incorporated into the content.
For this campaign, the monopo team was involved bilingually, communicating with the client in English and the cast in Japanese.

Early storyboards used


Focus on engagement to increase fans

For an influencer, PR posts often tend to see a drop in engagement among their followers. However, the level of engagement for each of our cast influencers’ maintained engagement without dropping off in views. This was the aim, as the casting was done with an emphasis on engagement and reach, while the content was created with an emphasis on storytelling. Additionally, one of the cast influencer’s had visited the New York flagship on their own after the content was created, which also helped to increase the brand’s fanbase domestically and abroad.


Client: Tiffany & Co. Japan inc.

Our role: Planning, Casting, Influencer management, Production

Agency: Kitchen & Company

Production: Atelier

Account Director/Producer: Clara Blin (monopo Tokyo / Atelier)

Project Manager/Casting Director: Shiori Kita (monopo Tokyo / Atelier)

Copywriter/Planner: Maho Kamagami (monopo Tokyo)

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