ROLE: Creative Direction, Planning, Art Direction, Copywriting, Photo Shooting, Filmmaking, Illustratio

DELIVERABLE: Movies, CGI, Key Visuals, Illustration

DATE: MAR 2023

monopo Tokyo planned and produced digital communication and assets, including four videos for UNIQLO's "AIRism" 2023SS Global Campaign. We planned and produced the campaign to promote the image of AIRism, which boasts of "Ultimate Comfort" through Japanese-born technology, as well as to increase global awareness of the brand.


  • To change the image of AIRism from "innerwear" to a "materials brand" and increase the number of fans
  • Creation of a variety of digital assets in Japanese and English


  • Designing a communication format that viewers can relate to rather than a technical explanation of the AIRism technology
  • Creation of a full CG video depicting the installation of AIRism technology into clothing in a fictitious lab
  • Created three videos to create the perception that AIRism is "a material that feels so good that once you touch it, you'll never forget it”
  • Creation of illustrations that convey scenes of use in a way that is easy for users to understand.

UNIQLO is a brand that continues to evolve everyday based on the concept of "LifeWear" to enrich the lives of people everywhere. One of its standard series, AIRism, includes innerwear, tops, bottoms, and accessories using functional elements such as: sweat-absorbency, quick-drying, stretch, contact-cooling, and anti-bacterial/odor resistant fabrics. Up until now, these products have primarily been loved as "functional innerwear" mainly in Asia and other regions. However, from the 2023SS season, the client wanted to increase recognition of UNIQLO as a "superior fabric brand.”

Developing communication based on "ultimate comfort

The AIRism series boasts a wealth of functionality for a variety of use cases. However, in countries with diverse climates and cultures, not to mention languages, people have different ways of perceiving the term "light and comfortable" in a single word. Focusing only on detailed functional appeals would have resulted in a different impression depending on the recipient. Based on this premise, we discussed with the client what UNIQLO's AIRism is and how to successfully communicate this, while taking into consideration the global audience of AIRism.

The copy we devised was "Ultimate Comfort," an extremely simple expression of AIRism. With this copy as the core, we created "Ultimate Comfort Lab", a full CG movie that introduces, "What happens when AIRism technology is installed in clothes", key visuals and illustrations that effectively depict scenes in which AIRism is used. We also produced three videos that depict the experience that AIRism provides to wearers.

Store display deployed below the produced video

Concept of AIRism being installed in clothing in a virtual lab factory

“Ultimate Comfort Lab" depicts the installation of AIRism in a virtual lab and the creation of "Ultimate Comfort," using highly flexible computer graphics to show the functionality of AIRism products, such as quick-drying and smoothness. While maintaining UNIQLO's typical tone and manner, we worked with creators outside of Japan who specialize in computer graphics to create a worldview that links the smooth feel, elastic comfort, texture, and feel of AIRism products. In some regions, the brand was also used in TV commercials. The key visuals used in stores in each country and online advertisements were also created using computer graphics.


Series of videos on the theme of "Unforgettable Comfort"

The three videos in the series, featuring the bra top, cotton T-shirt, and boxer briefs as key products, focus on the user experience brought about by AIRism. Under the theme of "Unforgettable Comfort," the videos tell a story about the comfort and amenity of AIRism, which is… "Unforgettable once you touch it.” The various scenes depict that "AIRism is a material that just feels good," while still providing distinct functionalities and texture variations.




Illustration promoting "At a time like this, AIRism"

We created illustrations based on the theme "At a time like this, AIRism," envisioning various usage scenarios for AIRism, including region-specific scenes since the global use of AIRism may be different based on region. For example, taking into account that sporting innerwear is less common in some countries, compared to in some Asian countries. Titles and situations were also devised and created based on detailed checks with the client.


Client: UNIQLO

Our role: Creative Direction, Planning, Art Direction, Copywriting, Photo Shooting, Filmmaking, Illustratio

Account Executive: Daisuke Shiga (monopo Tokyo)

Project Manager: Misumi Shina (monopo Tokyo)

Producer / Planner: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director / Designer / Planner: Kenmoku Takuya (monopo Tokyo)

Planner: Yosuke Maeda (monopo Tokyo)

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