ROLE: Planning, Art Direction, Copywriting, Photo Shooting, Film Making

DELIVERABLE: Planning, Art Direction, Movie

DATE: MAR 2023

Based on the iconic brand’s concept of "LifeWear," UNIQLO continues to revolutionize functional comfort in everyday clothing around the world. With its unique business model, UNIQLO has developed a series of original products that cannot be imitated by any other company.

monopo Tokyo was in charge to provide the creative direction for the global campaign for HEATTECH 2022AW, and the production of interview films with four international celebrities.


  • Planning and production of video content for the HEATTECH 2022AW global campaign
  • Content creation and production of interview films with global celebrities


  • KOL video planning and art direction to tie in with the overall campaign theme "THE HEAT GOES ON”
  • Planning and production enabling face-to-face interviews and on-site filming in 4 countries


An interview series capturing the concept: "THE HEAT GOES ON"

The concept of the HEATTECH 2022AW Global Campaign: "THE HEAT GOES ON," was developed to emphasize that the products don't only function as excellent innerwear garments, but also as long-wearing fashionable items for everyone. The concept references the physical ‘heat’ that HEATTECH creates, as well as the conceptual ‘heat’ and energy created in each person when truly enjoying fashion.

As a part of the campaign, we proposed and produced interview video content sharing various high profile individuals' inner heat and passions. Naming the project "HEATTALK," we interviewed celebrities based in Tokyo, Denmark, Los Angeles, and New York, about their activities and deepest passions. In the process, we asked each interviewee to discuss how HEATTECH affects their passion in their daily lives, thereby introducing the products as key items for not only generating ‘heat’ from the skin’s surface but also from within.


English ver.


Japanese ver.


Art direction to express the storyteller's inner ‘fire’

In the art direction of this video campaign, we boldly used tickers, graphics, and percussion-centered music to heat up the mood and create a pop impression. The most notable part of the art direction was the visualization of a person's heat level during the "HEATTALK" with an equalizer-like animation customized with the HEATTECH logo. We were conscious of striking a balance between themes that tend to be serious, such as "passion" and HEATTECH's "functionality," and delivering them in a friendly, casual atmosphere.

Video production in four cities utilizing our global network

The monopo producers living in Japan and Europe worked together to conduct in-person interviews and filming in four major cities: Tokyo, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, and New York, amidst the restrictions and conditions of Covid. The interviews feature; Mamoru Hosoda, one of Japan's leading animation film directors; John Burns, editor-in-chief of KINFOLK, a lifestyle newspaper from Copenhagen; Tylynn Nguyen, a California-based designer/model; and Alice Gao, a New York-based photographer. The movies were produced in both Japanese and English to be used both at home and abroad.






Client: UNIQLO CO., LTD.

Our role: Planning, Art Direction, Copywriting, Photo Shooting, Film Making


Producer: Daisuke Shiga (monopo Tokyo), Asako Tomotani (monopo)

Creative Director: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Shin Nakamura (FACT)

Copywriter: Maho Kamagami (monopo Tokyo), Aya Apton

Project Manager: Keita Niiro (monopo Tokyo)

Director: Yuka Yamaguchi

Production: SANA Inc.

Video Producer: Ryuta Nagano(SANA)

Edit: Yumi Suzuki, Shumpei Negami(Nomad Tokyo)

Colorist: James Clayton Daniels(Nomad Tokyo)

Sound: Andy Nagashima

[Japan Shooting]

DOP: Shuho Teramura

Gaffer: Akiyoshi Irio

Hair Makeup: Yukari Clarke

Stylist: Shohei Kashima

Production Manager: Tsubasa Hirobe

[NY Shooting]

Local Production: Day O Productions

Producer: Mieko Koyama

Production Supervisor: Mizuho Endo

Production Coordinator: Jinn Nishimura

DP: Hiroo Takaoka

Camera Operator: Yuya Kudo

Sound: Naoki Sakurai

Hair Makeup: Cherry Le

Stylist: Masayo Kishi

[LA Shooting]

Local Production: Day O Productions

Producer: Mieko Koyama

Production Supervisor: Chihiro Nagura

Production Coordinator: Jackie Hisa Hirai

DP: Tatsuya Ueno

Camera Operator: Yoshi Miyazaki

Sound: Seiya Yato

Hair Makeup: Zara Kaplan

Stylist: Rie Fujii

[Copenhagen Shooting]

Local Production: Stammgestalter

Producer: Yuichiro Tashiro

Production Manager: Timo Feid

Camera Operator: Yosuke Hosoi

Camera Assistant: Bahare Ruch

Stylist: Irini Mpantis

Hair&Make: Kazue Ishiyama@

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