UNIQLO’s Global Campaign
for "Sports Utility Wear"

ROLE: Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production

DELIVERABLE: Movie, Key Visuals

DATE: SEP 2023

monopo Tokyo produced the video and key visuals for Uniqlo's Global Campaign for "Sports Utility Wear". Uniqlo, known for its commitment to "Lifewear," introduced the "Sports Utility Wear" line, combining high functionality with the distinctive simplicity of design, unique to Uniqlo. This line includes highly versatile garments with features such as stretchability and quick-dry elements. While “Sports Utility Wear” had previously been embraced primarily as "casual sportswear," the 2023 Spring/Summer season aimed to establish its positioning as "comfortable daily wear" through this global campaign. The campaign highlighted the functionality and comfort of "Sports Utility Wear," focusing on versatile jogger pants capable of serving various purposes. monopo Tokyo created videos and key visuals conveying the features and comfort of "Sports Utility Wear," deployed in stores worldwide, on the web, and across social media platforms.


  • Creation of videos and still images aligned with the functionality/consumer benefits of "Sports Utility Wear."
  • Positioning "Sports Utility Wear" not just as sportswear but as versatile, convenient, and highly functional clothing suitable for both sports and daily use, emphasizing comfort, functionality, simplicity, and ease of use.


  • A creative concept that enables global communication.
  • Videos that utilize advanced CGI and shooting techniques.
  • Art direction which portrays a more refined and minimalistic world while maintaining Uniqlo's essence.

"Lifewear"— Supporting a Comfortable Life

"Sports Utility Wear" is suitable not only for physical activities but also serve as "convenient clothing" for everyday use. To devise a creative concept that leaves a lasting impression, we initially redefined "Sports Utility Wear" as clothing designed to support individuals with the intent of "living wholesomely." From there, we crafted the copy "Wholesome, Awesome," forming the basis for the current campaign concept.

The key visuals used in storefronts, advertisements, and various social media platforms worldwide, aim to convey the wearer's ability to make life comfortable in any situation. These visuals showcase poses and expressions that evoke a forget-the-sweat comfort and an embracing fit, accompanied by carefully crafted copywriting.

"Fits Every Single Move"

The video featuring the staple product of "Sports Utility Wear”—the jogger pants, was deployed in stores and on social media platforms globally. Defined by "Fits Every Single Move," the video highlights the diverse functionality of the jogger pants—high stretchability which allows for easy movement, freedom from stickiness, and overall comfort in any scenario. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, depicting men and women wearing jogger pants comfortably in scenes from both daily life and exercise. The camera work connects the shapes of the models' legs wearing the product, leading the product itself to tell a compelling story.


English ver.


Japanese ver.

UNIQLO's Distinctive Minimalist Art Direction

Incorporating movements that mimic everyday actions, such as jumping, taking photos, and working out, the video features male and female models through the context of a daily lens. While emphasizing the appeal as "daily wear," the video maintains a story design that consistently centers around the product, creating impactful visuals with a unique worldview utilizing CG. Dynamic camera work, coupled with effective use of light and shadow, energetic music, and breath-like sound effects, ensure attention-grabbing designs for cut-down videos used on social media.

Addressing the client's request to make Uniqlo's identity instantly recognizable to viewers, the production aligned with Uniqlo's traditional minimalism whilst also imprinting a fresh impression of the product.

International Team Composition

To ensure that the creativity aligned with the global nature of the campaign, we assembled an international team from the planning stage to execute the production. This approach aims to create a creative product that not only consciously considers a global audience, but also effortlessly engages in global communication. monopo chose SOS in Belair—a skilled French creative duo specializing in high-quality CGI to lead the direction and art direction. The collaborative effort between monopo and SOS in Belair allowed us to incorporate top-notch CGI from the initial proposal stage, as well as a high level of precision and communication accuracy throughout the production process.


Client: UNIQLO CO., LTD.

Our role: Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production

Account Director: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Director/Copywriter: Maho Kamagami (monopo Tokyo)

Account executive/ Producer: Clara Blin (monopo Tokyo)

Production manager: Shiori Kita (monopo Tokyo)

Project manager: Misumi Shina (monopo Tokyo)

Planning/Production: SOS in Belair

Director: Gandalf De Maupeou D'Ableiges De Monbail

Art Director: Lucile Vidaud

Stylist: Shohei Kashima (W inc.)

Hair stylist: Mizuho Hayashitani

Makeup Artist: Rika Matsui

Storyboard Design: Sumie Yamaguchi

Set Design: Gray

English Copywriter: Aya Apton

Casting: Tent casting

Male model: Ben (Free Wave)

Female model: NOZOMI (Satoru)

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