ROLE: Conception, Production, UX/UI Design, Planning, Development, Web Design

DELIVERABLE: Campaign Concept and Strategy, Responsive Website

DATE: NOV 2020

Chupa Chups, a long-selling candy brand that has launched over 100 flavors across more than 160 countries globally, began an annual activation embodying their brand message— “FOREVER FUN”. For this campaign, monopo was responsible for strategic planning, creative direction, communication design and website production.


From Candy to Cultural Icon

How could Chupa Chups, a historic household candy brand, speak to Gen Z as a brand entwined in their everyday lives? In order to entwine the concept of “FUN” and the simplicity of Chupa Chups candy, we focused on the product as a cultural icon—something close to people who like to have fun. To communicate the transition of their brand image, the Chupa Chups “FOREVER FUN” concept was used as a continuous messaging rather than a one time tagline.


Embodying the “FOREVER FUN”

As part of the launch activation, we shot photos with produced posters that were displayed all over Harajuku, the heart of youth culture. Featuring four unique characters Mom (an up-and-coming artist) Noah Sato (a musician and fashion influencer), Kaya (a rising skater who was featured on Abema TV’s “Ookami-chan ni ha damasarenai”) and Kuno Fell Asleep (a creative engineer). All photos were shot by Kisshomaru Shimamura.


Brand Collaboration

To strengthen local ties, we incorporated strategic brand collaborations into the year-long campaign plan. Such as WEGO, an apparel store with more than 160 locations nationwide; 9090, a 90’s vintage unisex select shop produced by the rising community of “thrift girls”; and Japan’s largest skateboard school, “Chees”.

The activation covered a range of consumer touchpoints, such as releasing a Spotify playlist curated by the four talent, and releasing a new series on the WEGO Magazine.

Additionally, a skate session in a Chupa Chups inspired skate park was held by Rei Motohashi, Sora Negishi, Kaya Sakakibara, and Kaito Sagawa.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle Japan

Our role: Conception, Production, UX/UI Design, Planning, Development, Web Design

Agency + Planning

Creative Director/Planner: Wataru Nakazawa (Momentum)

Creative Director/Planner: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Planner: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Yosuke Kamihigashi, Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

Contents Producer: Makoto Takahashi (HOEDOWN)

PR Director: Yuya Hamamura, Nozomi Watanabe (Platinum)

Media Planner: Masato Morita (UM)

Account Executive: Isao Suzuki, Miho Kubo (Momentum)

OOH Graphic

Copywriter: Wataru Nakazawa (Momentum), Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

Designer: Miwa Nakazawa

Coordinator: Keigo Mikami, Mika Hirooka (Sony Music Solutions)

Coordinator: Mika Hirooka (Sony Music Solutions)

Printing Director: Yasuyuki Koga (Aflo Atelier)

Hair&Make: Natsumi Tagashira

Photographer: Kisshomaru Shimamura

Cast: Mom, Noah Sato, Kaya, Kuno Fell Asleep


Art Director: Yosuke Kamihigashi (Sony Music Solutions)

Designer: Misaki Okada (Sony Music Solutions)

Front-end Engineer: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Photographer: Mariko Kobayashi, Shintaro Nakamura

Writer: Ayae Takise, Momoka Oba, Yu-Go Hiragino

Editor: Taiyo Nagashima

SNS Contents

SNS Director: Masahito Fukuma (tete marche)

Instagram AR Filter Developer: Kuno Fell Asleep

Instagram GIF Sticker Designer: Miwa Nakazawa

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