ROLE: Planning, Creative Direction, Copywriting

DELIVERABLE: Campaign, Website, Copy

DATE: MAR 2020

Chupa Chups, a long-selling lollipop candy brand that has launched over 100 flavors across more than 160 countries. In light of their colorful flavors and White Day campaign, HAPPY COLOR DAY, we involved from the planning to creative directing, to the campaign’s communication and website design.

Bringing color to White Day

According to a survey we conducted on White Day, more than 80% on White Day revealed that more than 80% “has not enjoyed White Day” and above 70% also answered that they“feel obligation on White Day”. Indicating that people do in fact encounter struggles with the concept of “giving back on White Day”.

For many, White Day feels like “no memories = white”, therefore we want to create special White Day memories through strong visual awareness of the colorful Chupa Chups brand. From our wishes, the “HAPPY WHITE DAY '' campaign was posted as a completely white outdoor advertisement in Shibuya (MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 bigboard) on February 16th.

On March 9th, two artists, COIN PARKING DELIVERY and Ryo Koizumi (RELISH), brought color to the original “HAPPY WHITE DAY” advertisement—by painting across the white canvas. This introduced the new “HAPPY COLOR DAY” campaign.

Once a year, this ‘purely’ white day rolls around. Rather than feeling the pressures of “giving back from Valentine’s Day”, we hoped this encouraged people for a more free and colorful day enjoyed with, none other than, Chupa Chups.

A “FUN” collaboration in making Chupa Chups a cultural icon

Year-round, Chupa Chups offers various activities in different dynamic scenes.
The goal is for Chupa Chups to naturally catch people’s attention—Chupa Chups while listening to music in day-to-day life, your favorite artist licking Chupa Chups, and a Chupa Chups poster you notice as you stroll around town. With this, the team came together to plan and produce Chupa Chups as a cultural icon.

The music for the concept movie of “HAPPY COLOR DAY” incorporated m-flo’s new 1st “loves” project “tell me tell me / m-flo ♡ Sik-K & eill & Daichi Mukai”. We released the concept video and the behind the scenes which both captured the essence of the music video.


In order to boost the campaign's presence on SNS, we created Instagram filters and GIF stickers to distribute throughout the year. By utilizing the graffiti artist’s spray paint as a motif, we brought a colorful experience to a monochrome world.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle Japan

Our role: Planning, Creative Direction, Copywriting

Agency + Planning

Creative Director/Planner: Wataru Nakazawa (Momentum)

Creative Director/Planner: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Planner: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Yosuke Kamihigashi, Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

PR Director: Yuya Hamamura, Nozomi Watanabe (Platinum)

Media Planner: Masato Morita (UM)

Account Executive: Isao Suzuki, Miho Kubo (Momentum)

MUSIC VIDEO (tell me tell me / m-flo loves Sik-K & eill & 向井太一) + WEB CM

Director/Editor: Hajime Baba (HOEDOWN)

Assistant Director: Sho Ishii (HOEDOWN)

Cinematography: Koichi Takagi

Steady Cam: Jun Kobayashi

Key Grip: Ryota Ide

Assistant Camera: Ryo Muramatsu

Erectrician: Ryo Takahashi, Masahiro Kawakami

Props: Hidetoshi Ando, Miyuki Kikuchi(Pickpic)

Hair Stylist: Hayate Maeda

Make Up Artist: YUKA HIRAC

Stylist: Bunta Shimizu


Casting Director: Oi-Chan

Dancers: Kazane, Sofia, agepanbancho, $ENA, SHIRYU, Kentaro, RITA, Peco., shanti, Nikki, Sienna, FOX, SayaNinja, HARUKA TANADA, ぼく脳

Production Manager: Daiju Yoshida, Wakana Furusato (HOEDOWN)

Producer: Makoto Takahashi (HOEDOWN)

Making Video Editor: Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Kotora Akiba, Dai Miura (affect)

OOH Graffiti

Copywriter: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

Direction: TokyoDex


Photographer: Kazuki Takahashi

SNS Contents

SNS Director: Masahiro Fukuma (tete marche)

Instagram AR Filter Developer: Kuno Fell Asleep

Instagram GIF Sticker Designer: Miwa Nakazawa

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