ROLE: Planning, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Developing

DELIVERABLE: Campaign Concept and Strategy, Creative Direction, Responsive Website

DATE: NOV 2020

Chupa Chups, an iconic lollipop candy brand that has launched over 100 flavors across more than 160 countries. In celebration of their new flavor, “Milk Tea”, we worked on everything from the planning to creative directing, to the campaign’s communication and website design of the “MASHUP YOUR FUN” campaign.

More ways to enjoy

The campaign featured a comedy duo and model/actress; Chocolate Planet, who have continued to direct trends; and Riko, known to have fun in various scenes through expressing herself.

The two groups were styled incorporating the eight flavors to create one visual for the special website.

We ultimately succeeded in producing a campaign message of “More ways to enjoy” by reaching new collaborations and offering fun and fresh experiences.



Client: Perfetti Van Melle Japan

Our role: Planning, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Developing

Agency + Planning

Creative Direction/Planning: Wataru Nakazawa (Momentum)

Creative Direction/Planning: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Planning: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Direction: Yosuke Kamihigashi, Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

PR Direction: Nozomi Watanabe (Platinum)

Account Executive: Isao Suzuki, Etsuko Sato, Miho Kubo (Momentum)

Shooting + Graphic

Art Direction: Takumi Kawamoto (Sony Music Solutions)

Design: Miwa Nakazawa

Coordinator: Keigo Mikami, Chika Sekine (Sony Music Solutions)

Casting: Aimi Yamada(a3)

Styling : Chie Ninomiya

Hair&Make: Aya Iwasaw,Ari・gate

Art : Yuichi Ishida (Rmond)

Photographer: Tsutomu Ono (ACUSYU)

Cast: Riko, Chocolate Planet


Art Direction: Yosuke Kamihigashi (Sony Music Solutions)

Design: Misaki Okada (Sony Music Solutions)

Front-end Engineer: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Back-end Engineer: Shun Okada (monopo Tokyo)


SNS Planning: Masahito Fukuma (tete marche)

Instagram GIF Sticker Designer: Miwa Nakazawa

Photographer: Hiroki Wada (affect-production)


Director: TAKE (affect-production)

DP: Hiroyuki Hasegawa (affect-production)

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