ROLE: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design

DELIVERABLE: Campaign Concept and Strategy, Key Visual, In-video Graphic Design

DATE: DEC 2021

ELLE ACTIVE! Festival 2021 is a live-stream event by ELLE ACTIVE! for SDGs, ELLE’s digital platform launched in 2020 that delivers sustainability-related topics in a multifaceted way. For the first installation of this event, monopo was responsible for not only the communication design, creative & art direction and creative asset production, but also defining the platform’s brand slogan.


All about fun and happiness

ELLE’s motto is all about being happy and positive. Our goal was to reflect their motto to the online event, and to talk about sustainability in a less educational but more fun way, just like how ELLE Active! for SDGs is facing social issues on its platform. Based on the idea that people’s actions for the future would start from their curiosity and deeper understanding about what they like, we set the hashtag #好きだからもっと (More because I love) as both the keyword for the platform and the hashtag for the online event. It is our hope that this young platform will grow its brand assets using this hashtag not only occasionally at special events but also regularly for their contents.


For a better understanding of SDGs, together

There are certain things that we understand about SDGs, and then there are things that we don’t. In this project, we took inspiration from low pixel images to visualize this ambiguity of knowledge, and consistently used tiles in the creative assets. Incorporating this idea into all visual assets helped to keep the 9-hour online event with a wide variety of contents coherent.



Creating the festivals vibes online

In order to create the festival atmosphere in this online live-streaming event, we built a timeline like a music festival with multiple stages. With the two-axis timeline, the main contents were streamed on the platform’s official YouTube/Twitter, while the interactive contents were streamed on Instagram Live, thereby making viewers select what they want to watch and enjoy the event on their own way.

In addition, on the day of the event, ELLE ACTIVE! for SDGs hijacked the ELLE channels by pixelating the icons and cover photos of multiple ELLE-owned social media, thereby creating a festive atmosphere on social media as well.


Client: Hearst Digital Japan Co., Ltd.

Our role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design

Agency: monopo Tokyo

Production : SCENE

Agency + Planning

Account Director: Clara Blin (monopo Tokyo)

Account Manager & Producer: Yukiko Kubota (monopo Tokyo)

Creative & Art Director/Planning: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Social Media Planner: Marina Ishibashi (monopo Tokyo)

Designer: Tran Minh Villageois (monopo Tokyo)

Event Planning: Hearst Digital Japan

Editorial Director ELLE & Harper's BAZAAR Group/Editor-in-Chief ELLE DIGITAL: Kanako Sakai

Web Producer: Taro Kiguma

Creative Lead: Aki Tominaga

ELLE ACTIVE! Desk: Yoko Urata

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Asako Matsui, Takako Araki, Yoko Miyake

Video Producer: Tomohiro Yasuda, Aki Nakamura

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