Eve Experience Tour 2024

ROLE: Concept and Strategy, Planning, Copywriting

DELIVERABLE: Concept and Strategy, Planning, Copywriting

DATE: FEB 2024

Eve is a Japanese artist who has been attracting a great deal of attention not only in Japan but also overseas, was in the midst of preparing for his first Asia Tour.
monopo Tokyo was involved in the conceptual design, naming, exhibition planning, merchandise planning, and PV planning for the "Eve Experience Tour 2024 (Saikai)," a place to experience Eve's reconstruction of the year 2023.


  • Conceptual make-up and planning of an exhibition with exhibits from the two 2023 tours "Kororon" and "Hana-arashi".


  • Creating a "place of experience" rather than an exhibition
  • The "Experience Tour 202x" is not only a one-time event, but a framework that can be developed in the future
  • “Saikai," a name for reinterpreting, reconstructing, and reuniting with Eve to experience a chance encounter, once more


The more of a fan you are, the more you have already "seen" what is on display—how to reverse this dilemma?

Since the exhibits from the two tours held in 2023, "Kororon" and "Hana-arashi," were exhibited again, for core fans of Eve we felt the experience could be less exciting and unimpressive for them.
On the other hand, some fans who could not make it to the live show or who wanted to see more of the show said they would like to have a chance to see it again.
We were able to overcome this challenge with the power of concept and planning.


Eve Experience Tour 2024「Saikai」

In order for fans who will "see" the exhibition again to enjoy it, we proposed to reinterpret and reconstruct the exhibits of "Kororon" and "Hana-arashi," instead of using them as they are.
We named the exhibition "Saikai" in the hope that their reunion with something they have already seen would become a fresh encounter, and that visitors would be able to enjoy the experience of encountering it again.

We also created the framework for "Experience Tour 202x," which is not only a one-time event but one that can be developed in the future, and after raising awareness that it is not an exhibition but an experience, we incorporated it into the project along with the concept statement.


Reinterpretation and reconstruction of "Kororon" and "Hana-arashi"

In addition to planning the venue exhibits for the four stops of the tour in Shibuya, Fukuoka, Osaka, and Nagoya, we also incorporated them in various forms, including merchandise and announcement PVs.

01. Haute couture by deconstructing and reconstructing tour goods
This exhibition was created with Leona, creator of "WONDER," a series of works that reconstructs old clothes.
The works were all created with completely different interpretations and approaches in each of the four cities, through processes like fraying, misalignment, and distortion, all of which are typically considered "bad".

02. Announcement PV using mash-up songs
The songs "Kororon" and "Hana-arashi" were “self-mashed up” for this project, with two music videos and two live performances from the tour, which werer reconstructed and incorporated into the video along with the concept statement itself. The full version was available only at the venue, and enjoyed by many fans on-site.


03. An experience space to immerse yourself in, not just to be viewed
In addition to the "Akamaku-no-Ma" and "Hana-arashi Area" that were exhibited during the live tour, the venue was filled with a variety of experiences, including an exhibition of live costumes, photo panels that allow visitors to enter and reconstruct the world of the key visuals, and an area where they can enjoy a full version of the mash-up song.
A hidden element exclusive to the venue was also prepared. A mysterious phone number was left on tape attached to the artwork and edges, as if someone had forgotten to remove it during the construction. When you called the number, you would be connected to Eve himself and hear a commentary about his thoughts on the “Saikai”, as well as memories of the cities where the event was held.

04. “Saikai” original merchandise
As there were many students amongst the fans, we prepared a wide range of original merch including stationery sets that will motivate students to resume their studies by “re-encountering” their stationery as many times as possible. As well as acrylic frame art that reconstructs the key visuals, and other “Saikai” merchandise like T-shirts, sticker sets and tote bags.


Our role: Concept and Strategy, Planning, Copywriting

Artist: Eve

Produce: NTT DOCOMO Studio & Live

Art Director, Designer: Takahito Matsuno (maxilla)

Planner, Copywriter: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Producer, Music Producer: Seiya Suzuki (maxilla)

Assistant Producer: Taiga Murakami (maxilla)

Construction Producer: Risa Shimizu (RIGHTS APARTMENT)

Construction Director: Yu Ochiai (3×8labo)

Haute couture Designer: WONDER

Mashup Composer: ESME MORI


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