‘Hataraku-bu’ Service Branding

ROLE: Branding, Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Front-end Developing, Back-end Developing, Copywriting, Tagline, Illustration

DELIVERABLE: Responsive Website, Illustration, Copywriting

DATE: AUG 2023

‘Hataraku-bu’ is a place where you can learn about the fascinating aspects of society, distinct from both school and cram school. Operated by Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. with the support of NTT Docomo STARTUP, ‘Hataraku-bu’ is a career-oriented club for junior high and high school students. monopo Tokyo undertook the renewal of the website, redefining the service's purpose and target audience, key copywriting and illustrations to serve as pillars of their brand communication.


  • Initial website renewal after the launch of the service
  • Communicating the appeal of the up-and-coming service


  • Set the target audiences and appeals
  • Craft copy that conveys the unique services offered
  • Create a world that instills excitement and trust in both students and parents
  • Design a website that becomes the cornerstone of the brand communication

Pioneering the Future of Work ― Introducing the Cutting-Edge Service

To convey the novelty of this up-and-coming service, ‘Hataraku-bu’ positions itself as an entirely new 'third place' for students, distinct from both school and cram school. Upon receiving the request for the renewal of the website, monopo Tokyo collaborated with the client to redefine the target audience. The initial focus was on crafting copy that succinctly communicates the service to those encountering ‘Hataraku-bu’ for the first time and proposing art direction to create a world that feels welcoming and accessible for students and their parents.

Students, who typically interact primarily with parents and school teachers, can discover more 'dreams' by encountering other adults thriving in society at this 'third place' called ‘Hataraku-bu.' We designed communication that highlights this uniqueness, exclusive to 'Hataraku-bu.' We worked closely with the client to meticulously determine and refine areas of service that require further explanation, while also emphasizing clarity and trust. Additionally, we strived to create a design that can evolve alongside the service's further development in the future.

Elevating Excitement while Enhancing Service Specificity through Copywriting

‘Hataraku-bu is a service born from the client's desire for "middle and high school students to have more dreams." For students preparing to venture into society, this service is highly flexible and can be utilized in various ways, with limitless potential. Therefore, it had the characteristic of being challenging to succinctly articulate the service's content.

While maintaining the service image of ‘Hataraku-bu’, such as "having dreams" and "boosting self-esteem," we devised copy that adopts expressions involving concrete actions, such as "knowing dreams," to further elevate the specificity of the service itself. As the future approaches and students feel vague anxieties, the messaging is tailored to dissect the reasons behind these anxieties and present ‘Hataraku-bu’ as a unique support system. By emphasizing that encountering various successful adults in society through ‘Hataraku-bu’ is one solution to understanding future dreams, the messaging aims to resonate with students who may be grappling with uncertainties about the future.

Toward the Foundation of All Communication - The Website for 'Hataraku-bu'

In order to create a website that not only lingers in the memory of first-time users but also empowers the expansion of awareness for 'Hataraku-bu' as a brand, we embarked on an art direction that communicates the value not just as a service but as a distinctive brand. Our aim was to establish communication that resonates with the main target audience of junior high and high school students while also providing a viewpoint for parents such as, "I want my child to have this insight." Together with the client, we defined a world that evokes a sense of discovery, excitement, and trust. From there, we set the tone & manner, color codes, and more for the brand. As a result, the website for 'Hataraku-bu' has transformed into the cornerstone for all future communications it will convey.


Illustration-Intensive and Colorful Design

Aiming for a visually appealing website that uplifts the spirits of the main target audience—junior high and high school students, we have incorporated strongly characterized illustrations and vibrant color schemes. Additionally, we are conscious of differentiating from educational settings, such as cram schools, where many students already spend their extracurricular time. We strived for a design that appeals to the uniqueness of being a cutting-edge educational service with a distinct perspective from existing offerings.

Efficient and Integrated Production in a Small Team Setting

While the primary request from the client was the renewal of the website, given that the service was still in its early stages, we devoted significant time to produce custom approaches to ensure there was alignment with the brand's value, target audience, and the tone & manner of design. With a limited timeframe, the Art Director was able to lead the direction and copywriting syncronously with thorough precision and understanding of the client’s needs. At monopo Tokyo, we adapt our team composition flexibly according to the project's needs, ensuring a tailored and efficient progression of the project.


Client: 株式会社アルファドライブ

Our role: Branding, Creative Direction, UX/UI Design, Web Design, Front-end Developing, Back-end Developing, Copywriting, Tagline, Illustration

Service: はたらく部

Production: monopo Tokyo

Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Copywriter: Takuya Kenmoku (monopo Tokyo)

Account Executive, Producer, Project Manager, Web Director, Technical Director: Daiki Terai (monopo Tokyo)

Assistant: Aiwa Otani (monopo Tokyo)

Account Executive: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Illustrator: AiLeeN(アイリン)

Designer: Mariko Kawamura

Developer: Rei Nakamura

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