ROLE: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production

DELIVERABLE: Slogan Logo, Video, Photos

DATE: OCT 2021

ReStyle is a styling store that revamps and delivers the original concept at Isetan Shinjuku. For its 25th anniversary, monopo’s responsibilities ranged from concept design to brand slogan, for the seasonal lookbook along with the production of a concept video.

Brand reboot as a place for as a place to form an identity

ReStyle compiles a wide range of collection, from the latest pieces to vintage items of over 70 brands worldwide. It’s a styling store that continues to revamp and deliver its original concept.

In 2021, for ReStyle’s 25th anniversary, the branding was re-established as a “place for self-building”. This shift to selected pieces followed their adaptation of “sustainability”, a growing standard in the fashion industry. This maintained their core aim of exploring and innovating fashion through the perspective of sustainable living.

Celebrating each individual through “Beautiful Choice.”

The new brand slogan, “Beautiful Choice” calls for the spread of the beauty of individuals’ aesthetics. Along with the aforementioned slogan, “FOR MY WAY”, “FOR LOVE”, “FOR FUTURE '' were created as three style themes for future editorial projects at ReStyle. To express these new diverse topics, ReStyle’s “S” is placed as the symbol.

One model, one diverse lookbook

For the delivery of each concept—“For My Way”, “For Love”, and “For Future”—the 2021 Spring/Summer lookbook featured a model in diverse shots, in the collaboration with the wig artist, Tomihiro Kono, hair styling by Megumi Yoshida, and photos by Takako Noel.

The concept movie’s visual slogan

Following their new slogan’s release, we were also responsible for designing the communication to plan and produce the concept movie.
To visually convey the message of “Beautiful Choice.”, we featured four individuals each actively exploring various fields. The concept movie captures their personalities, values, and beautiful choices that express ReStyle’s statement—“Style your way of life”.




Our role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production



Agency / Production : monopo Tokyo



Account Executive & Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Director & Copywriter: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director & Designer: Mei Kanamoto (monopo NY)

Project Manager: Tsubasa Kamioka (monopo Tokyo)



Photographer : Takako Noel

Stylist: Megumi Yoshida

Wig Maker: Tomihiro Kono

Hair & make up: Marika Aoki

Model: Suzi (Tokyo Rebels)



Director: Hidejin Kato

DOP: Matt de Souza

Camera Assistant: Anthony Rilocapro

Gaffer: Lisa Koski

Stylist: Ai Takahashi

Hair & Make up: Mika Iwata

Cast: Aya Courvoisier, Mari Azuma, Chiaki Hatakeyama, Sharar Lazima

Production Manager: Yukiko Kubota (monopo Tokyo)

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