ROLE: Concept and Strategy, Copywriting, Planning

DELIVERABLE: Concept and Strategy, Copywriting

DATE: JAN 2023

"Somewhere in a large flat, six-and-a-half tatami mats wide. A song for you.” MAISONdes is a music project in which various artists and creators are participating, based on the concept: "a song for you." To promote the new song, which is also the theme song for the TV animation "Urusei Yatsura," monopo planned and crafted the text for the iconic large billboard at the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station.


  • Create a ‘buzz’ for the song’s release, and simultaneously boost the awareness of MAISONdes.
  • A promotional plan to use outdoor advertising at the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station.


  • The ads are linked to a variety of triggers and immersive activities to activate experiences and buzz.
  • Reproduction of a full-scale residential building in Shibuya, based on MAISONdes’ concept of "a fictional apartment building suddenly appearing."

Outdoor Advertisement as an Entrance to the Experience

An outdoor advertisement suggesting an event on the 15 January was displayed on Hachiko Board 1 on the wall above the entrance to the Hachiko ticket gate at JR Shibuya Station. The advertisement featured the manager of MAISONdes' fictional apartment complex and Ram from Urusei Yatsura. The correct pronunciation of 'MAISONdes' was also introduced in the dialogue to create an impression.

In addition, Hachiko Board 3, located directly below Hachiko Board 1, reproduces a full-scale apartment entrance that references the world view of the official MAISONdes website. The wall, which resembles a noticeboard, has many interactive tricks and cryptic clues to guide visitors to a venue where you can collect a gift.

1. A poster advertising the new song alongside signatures and messages from participating artists. If the viewer called the number on the paper, they would hear a comment on the song from the artist.
2. A job advertisement calling for individuals to spread the word about the new song.
3. An apology note from the fictional manager of MAISONdes, addressing a complaint on the difficulty pronouncing “MAISONdes,” with a hidden message in vertical writing.
4. A cryptic poster including the latitude, longitude, and Morse code of where you can find a gift.

The MAISONdes Key After Solving the Cipher.

An entrance to the apartment was created on the 4th floor of Tower Records Shibuya – the present venue guided by the cipher on the Hachiko board 3. Once the entrance was discovered by the visitor, acrylic key holders were distributed. On the back of each key, a randomized QR code grants access to each of the MAISONdes resident's rooms and the songs they have created.

POP UP Space Recreating The 'six-and-a-half tatami mat room,' Where You Can hear the New Song

A POP UP space was set up at MAGNET by SHIBUYA109, across the scramble crossing from the Hachiko exit of Shibuya Station and where the outdoor advertisement was posted. Within the POP UP, a full-scale reproduction of Ram's room, based on the jacket illustration of the former MAISONdes theme song: "Aiue/Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous" for the anime: "Urusei Yatsura.” In the realistically recreated six-and-a-half tatami mat room, visitors were encouraged to listen to the new songs and spend time freely sitting on chairs and sofas and engaging with the space.

On the day of '15 January', Ram appeared on the bed – foreshadowing the story on Hachiko board 1 of Ram moving into the apartment block. Under the concept of 'Ram overflowing into your own home and into the city,' postcards of Ram were also distributed to each visitor. The cards accompanied a QR code taking visitors to the songs, expressing MAISONdes' worldview of 'listening to music in the six-and-a-half tatami mats.'

Not Just an Outdoor Advertisement, but an Experience of the MAISONdes World

Using outdoor advertising as the hook, the emphasis of this project was to increase exposure and ‘buzz' on social media and beyond, incorporating an immersive, multi-layered experience that people will want to share. The promotion not only announced the new song but also included material that would lead to recognition of MAISONdes' unique concept while piquing the interest of existing fans as well as those who were new to the project. In reality, the project generated significant excitement on social networking sites and received positive responses from a variety of the young people it targeted.


Client: Sony Music Labels

Our role: Concept and Strategy, Copywriting, Planning

Creative Director: Yosuke Kamihigashi (Sony Music Solutions)

Planner / Copywriter: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director / Designer: Yasuko Kano (Sony Music Solutions)

Designer: Ami Shimpuku (Sony Music Solutions)


Coordinator: Keigo Mikami, Riko Miyake (Sony Music Solutions)

#Event Space

Production Designer: Chie Arai (cinq-art Co.,ltd)

Set Construction: YOSHIKAZU ISHIKAWA (Weeds.s inc), TAKUMI HAGA (Weeds.s inc)


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