ROLE: Art direction, Planning, Film production, Still Production

DELIVERABLE: Website Art Direction, Website Content, Video, Still, Writing

DATE: JAN 2023

monopo Tokyo is proud to have designed and produced a campaign page and lifestyle video capturing the self-restoring qualities of SHISEIDO’s Eudermine Essence Lotion.

Known for its groundbreaking skincare innovation, SHISEIDO’s ultra-hydrating formula, ‘Eudermine,’ was first launched in Japan in 1897 and is rooted in traditional Japanese beauty rituals. The iconic softening lotion has since been refocused as Eudermine Essence Lotion to highlight its healing benefits in modern life.

The “Habits of Self Restoration” video follows Hikari Mori as she experiences Eudermine Essence Lotion as part of her holistic self-care routine.


  • Creative production based on Self Restoration.
  • Video production featuring ambassador: Hikari Mori.
  • Direction and production of a dedicated website and accessible written content introducing Eudermine.


  • Introductory lifestyle video featuring the ambassadors' Self-Restoration habits.
  • Art and structural direction of the website.
  • Dedicated content writing explaining the key ingredients of Eudermine.


Lifestyle video promoting the power of self restoration

The video, 'Habits of Self Restoration with Hikari Mori' captures the Eudermine ambassador introducing the elements that regulate her beauty care from the inside out.

In the video, Hikari the model and celebrity shares the daily self-care habits that help balance and restore her, from meditation and flower arranging to using Eudermine Essence Lotion.

Planning and producing the content along the: "power of self-restoration," the video becomes less of a mere advertisement for skincare advertisement and more of a lifestyle video inspiring viewers to “be in touch with” their inner selves and daily habits.



SkinCyclopedia: a promotional website to unravel Eudermine

As a designated site to reveal the secrets of Eudermine, we provided the page structure, copy, and design for the promotional site: SkinCyclopedia.

We proposed a modern, minimalist layout in the art direction, using the iconic deep red of the Eudermine as the key color.

Spotlighting Eudermine and its 126 year evolution, SkinCyclopedia showcases Shiseido's technological achievements, sustainability initiatives, and product efficacy data in a straightforward format.

As an additional element, we directed a photoshoot of the Eudermine researchers themselves, using the images on the website for viewers to see the faces behind the science.



#BehindTheShiseidoEudermine was proposed by monopo as a feature of the website exploring the chemistry behind Eudermine in scientific detail. Beyond listing the active ingredients and cutting-edge technology involved, the page design and the written content guide the viewer through Eudermine’s efficacy with the researchers who created it. The artistic stills were shot at Shiseido's laboratories, where the actual research and development of the product take place.



Our role: Art direction, Planning, Film production, Still Production

Production: monopo Tokyo

Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Planner: Marina Ishibashi (monopo Tokyo)

Writer: Marina Ishibashi (monopo Tokyo), Adam Gothelf (Dentsu Digital)

Project Manager: Marina Ishibashi (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Mei Kanemoto (monopo New York) / Tran Minh Villageois (monopo Tokyo)

Web Director: Daiki Terai (monopo Tokyo)

Technical Director: Shun Okada (monopo Tokyo)

Contents Producer: Takeshi Shimojo (TFC)

Film Director: Reina Hamane (Kirameki)

Cinematographer: Ivan Kovac

Stylist: Yoko Miyake

Hair: Kenji Toyota

Makeup: Madoka Nakagawa

Props Stylist: Shizuka Aoki

Sound Operator: Nao Hoshi

Colorlist: Ivan Kovac

Sound design: Justin Frieden

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