ROLE: Art Direction, Conception, Production, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development, E-commerce system

DELIVERABLE: E-commerce Website, Google Chrome Extension, Printed Calendar

DATE: JAN 2019

As a New Year’s project, monopo produced “#365ArtCalendar”, a calendar which allows you to enjoy a different work of art every day for 365 days in 2019. This was a collaboration project involving 53 artists, to promote and share the company’s vision of “A BRAND OF COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY”.


Embodying “A Brand of Collective Creativity”

To kickstart the beginning of every year, creative agency monopo produces a New Year’s campaign to welcome the upcoming year. In 2019, we created a daily flip calendar, complete with a total of 365 unique pieces of artwork. We collaborated with 53 different artists to embody our vision of “A BRAND OF COLLECTIVE CREATIVITY”, a vision in which all individuals can have an outlet for their own creativity.


A new piece of artwork every day, for 365 days a year.

The calendar is composed of artwork from several different mediums and genres, including illustration, photography, and graphic design. These pieces were created by 53 different creatives, one artist for each week, with the individuals coming from within and outside of the company, from long-time partners to first-time collaborators, including domestic artists as well as individuals coming from international backgrounds. With such a diverse team, the project turned into a product that transcended beyond traditional boundaries.


In print, on screen, and even on Instagram.

The flip calendar produced is available for order from our website, in traditional print form where individuals can stand it on top of their desk, as well as for download in digital form, through a free Google Chrome extension. In addition, we created a special Instagram account which will release the pieces of art every day, for 365 days.


”New Wave JP Chill”

The art direction concept surrounding this project is “New Wave JP Chill”. As an in-house project, we were very careful to equip our artists with broad boundaries, to allow them to create and collaborate freely, and allow each individual’s personality to show.

For the print version and Google Chrome extension digital version, we prepared several versions to accommodate the creators and their different styles of art, and on top of that we did not give them any restrictions in regards to the kind of artwork data they could submit, so their unique styles and art direction could stand out.

The cover of the calendar, to illustrate the concept of “New Wave JP Chill”, was designed with a loose brush and a bright, colorful aesthetic, to express the diversity and freedom which built this project. The motifs chosen— Mt. Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant— embody the different dimensions of this project, and our company’s wish to spread luck and joy in 2019, for everyone who has helped our company reach to where we are now.


Client: monopo in-house project

Our role: Art Direction, Conception, Production, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development, E-commerce system


Creative Director + Planner + Developer: Ryo Miyakawa

Art Director + Illustrator + Designer: Takuya Kenmoku

Web Designer: Michele Angeloro

Copywriter + Director: Tomoki Inaguma

Project Manager + Assistant Director: Keita Niiro

PR: Midori Sugama

monopo Creators: Michele Angeloro, Mei Kanamoto, Jun Okuma, Mélanie Hubert, Lessa Chung, Chace Fedor, Takayuki Yokoyama, Tsubasa Kamioka


Photographer: Keisuke Inoue

Contributors: Alessandro Bioletti, Keisuke Inoue, Noriaki Tanimura, Ryoji Yamada, Keisuke Mitsumoto, Shinichi Wakasa, Mizuki Itakura, 1day 1typography, Akita Yoshiko, Taku Izawa, KAZUNA OSADA, Miyo Tsuchiya, Jean-Jacques Calbayrac, PONZU, nigamushi, PRMO, YOPPY WORLD, Sakino Tomiura, (le), Anais Zamboni, IKU, SOS IN Bel Air, MAO NISHIDA, Takemi Watanuki,Matsuda Natsuru, kimix, Nandan Joshi, LOPEZ Célia, Gui Martinez, kamedamokei, MIHARU MATSUNAGA, Natsumi Kato, Ebby Amir, SHINYA UEDA, Hana Yoshino, Minami Kitamura, Yuki Shintani, INDUSTRIAL JP, Yosuke Kakegawa, Florian Zumbrunn, Rikki Kasso, Maya Matsuura, Will Goodan, Artem Skiy, Kisshomaru Shimamura

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