TORAY Corporate Advertising

ROLE: Branding, Creative Direction, Planning, Copywriting

DELIVERABLE: Concept and Strategy, Copywriting, Movie, Key Visuals

DATE: DEC 2023

monopo Tokyo planned and produced a corporate advertisement for Toray, an advanced materials manufacturer with global operations.
The video and graphics features Sani Brown Abdel Hakim—a top track and field short-distance athlete with whom Toray has entered into a global partnership agreement, as well as employees of Toray.


  • Communicate the significance of the global partnership with Sani Brown


  • Video and graphics depicting the daily efforts of both Sani Brown and Toray employees, through their shared DNA of "Pursuing the ultimate" and "long term continuity”, to better serve people and society
  • Production featuring actual employees of Toray


Partnerships that inspire us as like-minded colleagues.

At first glance, the correlation between an advanced materials manufacturer and a track and field short-distance athlete seems distant. So we wanted to begin by clarifying the relationship between the two. The common denominators that emerged were the “pursuit of the extreme” and the attitude of never giving up through “long-term continuity”, which became the driving theme of this project.
Toray has continued its daily research and development with their commitment to advanced materials. Some of its main products, such as carbon fiber composite materials and reverse osmosis membranes for water treatment, took nearly half a century from the start of research to the formation of a major market. This persistent attitude and drive to never give up and continual pursuit of the extreme has been passed down in the company from generation to generation.
With his own pursuit of the extreme through running, Sani Brown is also involved in training the next generation of athletes. From a big picture and long-term perspective Brown’s goal is boosting the world of Japanese track and field and bringing it to the global stage. Although the industries are different, the DNA of these athletes and Toray’s employees remains the same. By identifying this clearly, we aimed to inspire each as colleagues with shared aspirations and pursuits.


Illustrating the People of Toray rather than Toray

Although it is a corporate advertisement, the focus is on the people who work at Toray, rather than on the corporation itself.
The images depict Team Toray, passionately committed to enriching people's lives. The employees featured include those in areas such as sales, production, technology, and research, as well as the Toray Arrows (volleyball team), rowing team, judo team, kendo team and other athletic teams that train to achieve higher goals every day.

The main copy reads, "Go beyond the imagination. With the power of technology."
By combining the idea of Sani Brown’s well-known 走りの技術 or “running technology” and Toray’s core technology, we hope to create a future that goes beyond people's imagination.
By featuring actual Toray employees and Sani Brown as the main characters, we aimed to create images and graphics conveying that they both share the highest pursuit of aiming for a positive impact on today’s society.
This project is being developed not only through video, but also through multiple media formats such as newspaper advertisements and OOH ads, including billboards.
monopo was also in charge of the design for each of the media.


Our role: Branding, Creative Direction, Planning, Copywriting


Creative Director/Planner/JP Copywriter: Ryo Miyakawa (monopo Tokyo)

Art Director: Akira Yamaguchi (monopo Tokyo)

EN Copywriter: Karin Kuroda (monopo Tokyo)

Account Executive: Daisuke Shiga (monopo Tokyo)

Project Manager: Misumi Shina (monopo Tokyo)


Director/DP: Takashi Hirukawa

Executive Producer: Airi Yamawaki

Production: Mt.MELVIL


Production Manager: Shion Kimura

AC: Rintaro Ikeo

2nd AC: Shii Kitada

Gaffer: Katsuyuki Hashimoto

Best Boy: Genki Hoshino

Electrician: Kiyohito Tanabe

Sound: Takatsuku Ibusuki

PA: Isao Tsumanami, Kosuke Onishi

Music: Naoyuki Chikatani


Producer: Miki Murata

DP/Photographer: Ben Van Hook

AC: Ricky Fontanez

Coordinator: Anja Crosby

Stills assistant: Ryan Krause

Digitech: Tony Salankas


Art Director: Akira Yamaguchi (monopo Tokyo)

Designer: Naoki Iizuka

Photographer: Shota Matsumoto

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