ROLE: Art Direction, Planning, UI/UX Design, Web Development

DELIVERABLE: Responsive Website

DATE: NOV 2022

Operating up to 30 domestic and international brands and original labels, UNITED ARROWS is a multi-brand fashion boutique that threads together its unique style and personality with some of Japan’s most popular brands. monopo Tokyo provided digital communication design and art direction for the full renewal of the corporate website, with an eye on the overall corporate branding.


  • Renewal of the corporate website to play a role in recruiting, IR, and improving employees' sense of belonging
  • To enhance the character of UNITED ARROWS while improving the corporate image
  • Site design to create a stronger brand image
  • Site design that communicates quantitatively so visitors feel it is worth visiting regularly


  • Website design with the ability to communicate information that makes all stakeholders want to visit the site repeatedly.
  • An updated design that incorporates expressive digital techniques to create a fresh and ambitious impression.
  • A CMS design that is easy to use and provides a stress-free experience for visitors and editors.
  • Planning of contents and communication format to promote the branding of sustainability activities.
  • Introduction of an embedded system that enables quantitative monitoring of target figures and current status


A long-loved site developed with thorough brand communication

The fact that a broad variety of people visit a company's corporate website at any given time, it is paramount that all stakeholders can find the information they need. On top of this, the site will be in use for a long period of time and so it is important that it be durable and that people become attached to it enough to keep coming back. As a result of these factors, detailed communication with each department in designing the site's information was essential.

Valuing face-to-face communication and working closely with the client, we took time developing the site’s information design and carefully examining existing content. As a result, it was transformed into a corporate website that is easy to use and provides a stress-free experience for both viewer and editor.


Expressing the brand's character in the digital world

To define the orientation of the site design, we started by extracting keywords that represent the existing brand image and then segmented them into two groups: "The Brand Image that has Been Built Up to Now" and "The Manifestation of our Innermost Passions.” By adjusting the visible ratio of these two themes using a mood board, we carefully crafted the new character of UNITED ARROWS.

The tone and design of the site, including the look and feel of the top page, icons, and other details, were determined by visualizing the elements and conducting various inspections. For smooth browsing, animations were kept simple with only the appropriate amount of motion graphics to express sophisticated minimalism using digital expression cleverly – with a touch of fun.



A brand to honor UNITED ARROWS’ sustainable practices

In spotlighting the sustainable practices that UNITED ARROWS has been pursuing through the years, we proposed a dedicated sustainability section of the website featuring relevant content and information under "S'ARROWS" – a combination of "Sustainability" and "UNITED ARROWS." We also incorporated a system enabling quantitative monitoring of target figures and current sustainability status, to make sure that customers are kept in the loop on the brand’s green efforts.

The design uses bold color images, minimalistic animation, and illustrations that are different from other pages on the website to give it a unique character that is not too rigid.



Our role: Art Direction, Planning, UI/UX Design, Web Development


Art Director / Designer: Takuya Kenmoku (monopo Tokyo)

Planner / Director: Tomoki Inaguma (monopo Tokyo)

Project Manager / Planner: Tsubasa Kamioka (monopo Tokyo)

Project Manager: Maho Kamagami (monopo Tokyo)

Technical Director / Back-end Engineer: Shun Okada (monopo Tokyo)

Front-end / Back-end Engineer: Daichi Ooba

Back-end Engineer: Taisei Dofuku (monopo Tokyo)

Designer: Shigure Miyagawa (monopo Tokyo)

Copywirter (EN): Aya Apton

Account Executive & Producer: Kensuke Tanaka (monopo Tokyo)

Creative Director: Takuhito Kawashima (kontakt)

Illustrator: Olga Prader

Front-end Engineer: Dawn

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